House Teams

Meet our House players!
You can catch our Armando Team “CHUNK” and Harold Teams “Gravity Train” and “The Hive” at our very good improv show on the 3rd Saturday of the month from September to January, 8pm at Happy Goat Coffee (35 Laurel st).

Chelsea Fahey
Longform 101
Chris Hannay
Co-founder, board of directors
Angus MacDonald
Longform 201
Wynn Quon
Treasurer, board of directors

Gravity Train
Dani Alon
Co-Founder, Artistic Director
Nick Howe
Longform 101
Joshua Mayo
Intro to Improv
Woody McCadden
Longform 101, 201
Krystal Merrells
Corporate Liaison

The Hive
Melissa Britney
Intro to Improv
Adriana Johnston
Intro to Improv
Meghan Murphy
Intro to Improv
MarĂ­a Cortes Puch
Vice-chair, board of directors