Improv classes

Our improv classes are very popular for a reason — they’re fun! Head over to our class page to see which courses are in session right now.

Corporate workshops

Here at the Embassy, we strongly believe in improvisational theatre’s power to train people to listen better, to form stronger teams and to unlock their creativity. And, well, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

We can fully customize our workshops to suit your needs, depending on length, size of group and what you want to work on. Contact us for more information.

“Dani & Joe from the Improv Embassy were great at leading our large group through a series of fun improv exercises and they were able to relate the skills learned in those exercises directly to the skills required in a co-creation workshop… great job!” – Luis, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The exercises were creative, interactive and a lot of fun! The performers were really energetic and funny. Definitely brought smiles across the board!” – Sharna, Professional Development Network

“Val from Improv Embassy taught a ‘Stage Courage’ workshop at Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls this year and she was absolutely phenomenal. Not only did she help the campers step out of their shells, but she also encouraged them to support one another and to see failure as an opportunity for improvement. The workshop was an empowering experience for the participants and it drew valuable parallels between improv and life – how we need to take risks, be brave and chase our fears. I would recommend anyone to take part in Improv Embassy’s classes and workshops, I guarantee that you’ll take away more than you ever expected.” – Tiffanie, Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls

Custom entertainment

We are professionally goofy. The Embassy team produced the sold-out 2016 and 2017 Ottawa Improv Festivals at Arts Court, has performed at dozens of shows and fundraisers over the last couple of years, and is constantly training the next generation of Ottawa comedians. We have a big roster of performers to draw on and we can produce any kind of improv entertainment to suit your needs. So let’s work together! Send us an email to get the ball rolling.