Dramatic Improv (with Vinny Francois)



What happens when you’re improvising not to get a laugh? Improv is a way of doing theatre and can touch upon the full range of emotions and the human experience as any other form of theatre. Let’s explore how we can find something other than laughter. This workshop covers a series of exercises that involve trust, intimacy, respecting the audience and the other performers, in order to touch upon difficult or moving topics in a way that makes everyone feel safe and cared for.

(Recommended for medium to advanced improvisers)

Saturday, June 8, from 1pm to 3:30 pm (at the Improv Embassy studio, 441 MacLaren St. suite 330)

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Vinny Francois is an improv teacher, performer, director at Montreal Improv. He produced Mprov: The Montreal Improv Festival and co-created the improv suggestion site He writes tiny poetry you can subscribe to at Tiny Letter and has written for McSweeney’s. You can find him on twitter and instagram. He also likes high-fives, cakes, and fireplaces.

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