Student Teams – May



It’s Springtime!
The snow might eventually melt, birds will one day be chirping and improv is in the air.

With Spring, the Improv Embassy brings you new Student teams, as well as Incubator teams (returning student teams), all featuring our next up and coming performers!

Come out and celebrate a new season of improv with:


“The Flaky Pastries”
ML Charron, Heather Corbett, Josh Mayo, and Tina Walsh, Bruno Yakubu

“Party Poodles”
David Benoit, Quinn Blue, Josh Degagne, Dave MacDonald, and Jacob Weare

“The Lunettes”
Ranna Bernard, Adele Dickson, Aden Dur-e-Aden, Alex Keenan, and Kate Yule

“The Cardigans”
Jason Dai, Jeremy Hedges, John Kavcic, Wynn Quonand Matt Seely,

With the infamous Rich Hilborn hosting.

$5 (free for students)
8pm (doors at 7:30)

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