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The Fembassy: Comedy Workshop (with Danielle KL Gregoire)

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This workshop series, in partnership with The Fembassy, is geared toward women and non-binary performers — at the end of the course students will have the option of performing in the September Fembassy, date TBD.

Comedy is an art form that contains multitudes. Danielle K.L. Grégoire will help you explore the gamut of comedic arts, from stand up, to improv, through to storytelling. This course will work on writing techniques, developing your own voice, learning from your influences, and give you a chance to perform for your peers. Danielle will also delve into what it takes to produce your very own show. This summer long workshop series is partly about your own comedy and a lot about building a small community of folks who can support each other in the adventure of being a comedian.

Sundays, 6-8:30 pm, July 7 to August 25 (guest instructor on August 11)

Danielle K.L. Grégoire is a parent, poet, comedian, storyteller, and proud Northern Manitoban. She/they stand at the intersections of many identities: Métis, French Canadian, English Canadian, queer, gender-fluid, rural and city. Danielle was a former co-director of the Capital Poetry Collective, the founder of Seattle’s Comedy Womb (now the Comedy Nest), and former producer of the Seattle Moth StorySLAM. Danielle is dedicated to helping people tell their own stories, and is opening a venue in Almonte, ON called Curious & Kind for all spoken word art forms, podcasting, crafting, and soap pouring in 2019.

Location: 441 MacLaren St, Suite 330

Classes are eight weeks, 2.5 hours per class, one class show. $205 (+HST)
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(FEMBASSY DISCOUNT: Save $20 with purchase of ticket for our June edition of The Fembassy – message for details)


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