The Preserve Longform Jam



The Preserve is open to all experience levels, and takes place most Thursdays at the Improv Embassy (441 MacLaren St – Suite 330), from 7 to 9 pm***. Entry is $5 for the public and free for folks currently in classes at the Improv Embassy (show your student card at the door).

(***Note: exceptions include 1. the 4th Thursday of the month when we have our Student Team shows, and 2. occasional alternate programming for which we will add updates to this event.)

These workshops are all about flexing your improv skills in a fun environment. The first part focuses on skillbuilding (i.e. object work, character, ensemble, stage picture); the second part features longform sets with occasional side-coaching.

Some helpful tips so we can all have a good time:

NEW TO THE EMBASSY? WELCOME! If you’re brand new to improv, you’re welcome to participate as much as you’re comfortable with (or even just watch if you’re shy). If you have previous improv experience, you may find our style different than what you’re used to. These jams, facilitated by our Artistic Director (Dani Alon) and other instructors, are offered as a place to get stage reps and practice skills learned in Embassy classes, which focus on thematic longform and game of the scene.

STUDENT CARD Students are eligible to come for free as long as they bring their card (otherwise our box office personnel won’t know who’s currently enrolled — if you’ve forgotten or lost your card, pay the $5 then talk to your teacher at your next class about getting a replacement)

BE A MENSCH These jams take place in a welcoming, non-competitive space. While we’re all here to have fun, we’re also here to up our improv game, develop good stage habits, and create an environment of encouragement and community. We discourage any conduct, onstage or off, that is sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, etc. Toxic behaviour will be shut down.

OTHER GOOD STAGE HABITS Wear comfy clothes. Put your gum away. Respect people’s boundaries.

The Preserve, even more than a place to play, is about community. Everyone was new and shy once — if you’re a jam regular and see a newbie who doesn’t know anyone, say hello!

See you at the jams!

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