Very Good Improv Show – March



It’s the Improv Embassy’s Very Good Improv Show. Our House players storm the stage for a night of electrifying Longform Improv, featuring our Armando and Harold Teams. Each group brings its unique approach to Longform, ranging from slow burn relationship scenes to fast paced game-based insanity. We hope you have a very good time.

“CHUNK” (Franky Agueci, Matt Barrow, Quinn Blue, Alex Keenan, Wynn Quon, Matthew Versace, Kate Yule)

“The Hive” (Melissa Britney, Jason Dai, Jeremy Hedges, Rich Hilborn, Adriana Johnston, Joshua Mayo, Meghan Murphy, Maria Corts Puch)

“Temporary House Team Name” (Dani Alon, Chris Hannay, Angus MacDonald, Woody Field McCadden)

3rd Saturday of the month
Happy Goat
35 Laurel St
$10 at the door or in advance ($5 at the door for current Embassy students)

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