Workshop: The Maker (with Rob Norman)



$80 (+HST)
Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31
6 hours (1 to 2:30pm, 3 to 4:30pm)

The Maker is Toronto’s signature Longform format. This thematic show turns a Harold into an exploration of metanarrative that confronts the audience with the power of their own suggestion. Prepare to see the making and breaking of improv rules as we know them and a healthy dose of breaking the fourth wall.

Prerequisite: At least a year of improv and experience with the Harold format.

Rob Norman is the author of Improvising Now: A Practical Guide to Modern Improv and co-host of The Backline with Rob and Adam. He has performed with MANTOWN, The Second City, The Bad Dog Theatre, and across North America and Europe with his duo RN and Cawls. Rob co-starred in the sketch show Sunnyside, and has appeared on Baroness Von Sketch, Odd Squad, and a bunch of other shows.  He currently hosts the CBC podcast Personal Best.
This course will be run online using Zoom. We recommend downloading the program in advance:


1. You will need a laptop or desktop with reliable internet connection, and we recommend using headphones or earbuds.
2. If you’ve never used the software before, please have it downloaded in advance — we suggest trying it out with friends before the beginning of the course and/or logging onto the session at least 15 minutes early to work out any tech issues.

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