The Improv Embassy is a school dedicated to growing and showcasing improv, sketch and stand-up comedy in the nation’s capital. We run jams and teach classes for those looking to have fun and for those who wish to become performers. We have produced shows in venues across the city and we ran the annual Ottawa Improv Festival (currently on hiatus). We are a nonprofit founded and run by volunteers.

Our History

Closing night of the 2016 Ottawa Improv Festival.

The seeds of the Improv Embassy were planted with Experimental Farm Theatre, founded by Dani Alon and Chris Hannay in 2014 when they moved to Ottawa from Toronto. A few months later, Val Perelshtein, who had performed with EFT since shortly after its launch, proved indispensable as the fledgling company’s business director. The improvisers began producing shows in various venues around Ottawa in the summer of 2014, and began teaching improvisation in 2015. 

In the summer of 2016, the theatre company renamed itself the Improv Embassy officially incorporated as a non-profit.

Our comedians have been invited to perform in the Del Close Marathon in New York City, Toronto’s Big City Improv Festival, the Toronto Haroldfest, Mprov (the Montreal Improv Festival), Montreal Sketchfest, Halifax’s East Coast Improv Festival and Ottawa’s Fresh Meat DIY Theatre Festival

We have put on the Ottawa Improv Festival for sold-out crowds at Arts Court Theatre in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We’ve produced successful shows at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, such as the sketch revue EFT-up: Just Like You in 2015, and The Fake News Show and Quest Friends Forever in 2017.

Throughout our history, we could not have accomplished anything without the hard work, dedication and talent of the improvisers in our fast-growing community.

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