Workplace Workshops

Reignite. Reconnect. Reenergize your team.

Why Improv for Team Building?

We help your team develop new skills, better collaborate, and celebrate each other in the most fun way possible.

Improv for your corporate events is team building that is actually fun!

Improv naturally hones key skills:

✔️ collaboration so colleagues can get on the same page quickly

✔️ creative problem-solving to overcome challenges and move forward strategic plans

✔️ rolling with change to help your team adapt to new developments

✔️ innovation to help your organization move projects forward

✔️ learning to take on other points of view to open minds and expand your impact

Improv allows your team to practice these skills in as safe a space as possible, in the most engaging way possible.

Team Building for all Corporate Events

From problem-solving to parties, we got you covered. We can put together a workshop for any occasion or situation:

Our team works remotely. We need an event to reconnect.

We finished a big project and need a rewarding celebration!

Our work is creative. We need inspiration for our next project.

We have new members and we’d like to build a strong team!

We want to communicate better with our clients for better results.

Networking events are tough. We’d like to be more successful!

What others say about our corporate events

We’ve had the pleasure of working with so many great organizations such as the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ericsson Canada, and the IBI Group.

Here are some things our past clients had to say:

“This improv experience truly mixed things up to get us out of our comfort zone and get to know each other in a different light. It also provided us with valuable practice in business skills like quick adaptive thinking and clear communication. The activities were a good length and certainly creative, both Dani and Krystal displayed strong experience and knowledge and we couldn’t have been happier to learn from their expertise.” 

Brad, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“The workshop was an empowering experience for the participants and it drew valuable parallels between improv and life – how we need to take risks, be brave and chase our fears. I would recommend anyone to take part in Improv Embassy’s classes and workshops, I guarantee that you’ll take away more than you ever expected.” 

Tiffanie, Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls

“The Improv Embassy were great at leading our large group through a series of fun improv exercises and they were able to relate the skills learned in those exercises directly to the skills required in a co-creation workshop… great job!” 

Luis, PricewaterhouseCoopers

We would love to bring the magic of improv to your team too!

You can also email the corporate events team directly at: [email protected]