Come try improv with us in a fun, supportive environment! Check-out our blog post if you want to know what to expect from your first improv class.


Intro to Improv – If you’re curious and looking to get a little taste of improv, our 4-week Intro classes are the perfect fit. In addition to meeting new people, you’ll improve your communication and interpersonal skills, develop as a public speaker, and have some silly fun with improv games galore! Learn more.

Longform Improv Levels – Our Longform classes (8-week courses) are geared toward students who want to get into the theory of comedy, hone performance skills, learn game of the scene and the pattern work of thematic longform improv like New York’s Upright Citizens’ Brigade or Chicago’s iO Theater. We encourage you to bring a notebook to these classes, so you can keep track of new concepts and teacher feedback! (Note: at the Embassy, we have our own terms and style of play — all students start in 101, regardless of previous improv background, to encourage groupmind). Learn more about our longform levels.

Short Form Improv – Remember and love ‘Whose Line is it Anyways?’, then this is the course for you! Learn the nuances of short-form improv over this 8-week course that culminates in a class show. You will play games, challenge yourself, and prepare yourself to entertain an audience.  Great for those interested in comedy, acting or just looking to have fun and be silly!  Learn more.

The Preserve Improv Jam – We run pay-what-you-can improv jams for improvisers of all levels! This is an informal, facilitated session that lets you work on your improv skills in a playful, non-competitive environment. In the first half of the jam, we’ll practice some of those improv skills through some fun exercises. During the second half of the jam, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase those skills through longform sets with occasional side-coaching from our facilitators.

Other Programming – We offer Specialty Classes and Guest Workshops to give you a taste of other comedy disciplines and approaches to improv. (There is also a vibrant improv community outside of the Embassy with other places to learn — join Improv in Ottawa to keep up to date on new opportunities to watch, learn and grow).


Our class policies are updated regularly — we recommend you give these a read here for up to date information on refunds, class eligibility, and other policies before registering.


  • While we aren’t currently offering discounts we do strive to make improv accessible to underrepresented communities and/or those with financial need. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss the possibility of subsidized classes.


The Embassy is a warm and welcoming community. They provide a great space for learning and performing improv.
Jesse H.

A welcoming, positive environment to step out of your comfort zone.

Marianne K.

This class will make a butterfly out of you.


Fabulous opportunity to … learn new skills, be expressive with only powerful move me forward comments and encouragement. This style created a better result in my day to day speaking.

Yetta D.
Business Owner/Realtor

The folks at The Improv Embassy are the reason I was able to finally try stand up comedy. They host great shows and workshops and are super inclusive with a strong belief that comedy should “punch up”.

Jennifer W.
Civil Servant
I was terrified before the first class, but I’m so glad I came. The teachers are great, the environment is friendly, supportive and so, so much fun!
Dave M.