Summer Study Groups!

Since we’ll be taking a break from our longform classes till the fall, our Summer Study program is a great way to keep learning, practice theory from class, and stay engaged with the community. Like a regular class, your group will perform a 30-minute set at the end of the two months, either late August or early September (date TBD). If the group gels and wishes to keep performing together after the summer, they have the option to continue for longer.

Prerequisites: If you have completed 101 class or higher, you are eligible to audition for our Armando group. Everybody gets onto a team! These auditions are just to help us make groups and to see who plays well with whom. If you have completed 401 class you are eligible for a Harold group but can also audition separately for an Armando group (additionally, if you audition for a Harold team you may end up placed on an Armando team, due to size constraints).

Audition Slots:
1. June 21 (Thu) — 6pm (Armando) / 6:30 (Harold)
2. June 23 (Sat) — 6pm (Armando) / 6:30 (Harold)
3. June 24 (Sun) — 6pm (Armando) / 6:30 (Harold)


Coaching Fee and Practices:
Once groups are assembled, they will be assigned a faculty member who will lead weekly sessions from early July to late August, the timing of which will depend on the group’s and coach’s availability. Similar to our earlier student teams, finding a practice venue will be up to the group. The group will pay the facilitator a fee for their coaching and expertise (which can range from about $40-$60 per person for the summer, depending on the size of the group).

If you have any inquiries, contact us at with the subject “Summer Study”.