Aug 2, 2016 by

As the Improv Embassy prepares to open its doors, we’ve got two cool performance opportunities to share! (With more to come??) First, we are looking for improvisers who have an interest in hosting shows. Hosting is a whole skill on… Read More

Aug 8, 2016 by

The Improv Embassy lived up to its name this weekend when directors Dani, Chris and Val took part in an international showcase at Chicago’s iO Theater. The show featured improv sets with performers from Hungary, Poland, France, Australia, South Korea,… Read More

Aug 22, 2016 by

The renovations are continuing as we get ready for our September opening. We just spent all weekend painting with an awesome crew of volunteers. Next comes the stage, curtains and more. There’s a lot of work to do! By the… Read More

Sep 3, 2016 by

After weeks of getting ready, we’ve finally got things set up and we can’t wait to show you! We had a little shindig on Sept. 1 for our amazing team of volunteers and we have a public open house coming… Read More

Sep 8, 2016 by

The Improv Embassy is in the news! Our opening was featured on the cover of Thursday’s Metro Ottawa: “Could it be that Ottawa isn’t the city fun forgot, but the city that funny people abandoned? Three improv performers in Ottawa… Read More

Sep 23, 2016 by

“I’ve been thinking about how the “and” in “yes and” is really empowering because even if somebody makes an offer to you in a scene that you’re uncomfortable with, you can say “yes, you made that offer, and I’m going… Read More

Oct 11, 2016 by

We are super excited that Embassy improvisers will be hitting the stages at two festivals in the next few weeks. The seven members of the Embassy faculty — Angus, Chris, Dani, Deborah, Josef, Leslie and Val — will be performing… Read More

Oct 13, 2016 by

Rich Hilborn is an improviser and the creator of QFF:  I came up with the original idea for Quest Friends Forever: A D&D Improv Show in May. I learned a lot in the process and I want to share some… Read More

Oct 23, 2016 by

Next Saturday, Oct. 29, we’ve got two fun events going on! At noon, we’re holding a special free drop-in workshop for anyone who’s wanted to try improv. It’ll be a lot of fun and a perfect time to dip your… Read More

Oct 30, 2016 by

Thanks for everyone who came out to our free drop-in on Saturday! The room was packed and we had a ton of fun. For anyone who’d like to know about the next one, sign up for our monthly newsletter. It… Read More