Registration for our Spring 2024 semester is live!

Whether you’re a Game-Based-Girlie or a Narrative-Nelly, this semester we have something for you!

We’re offering Intro to Improv, Improv 101 – Longform, Improv 201 – Longform, Short Form, and our brand new Narrative course.

Curious about narrative improv? Here’s some more info from instructor Peter Rogers:

In this eight-week class, we break the cardinal rule of the Harold and improvise a series of scenes that tell one continuous story. With simple games and fun setups, we’ll explore the tools that narrative improvisers use to make the plot simple, keep the audience on the edge of their seats, and hold on to that delightful, freewheeling invention that improv is all about. Together we’ll learn about stakes, heroes, Story Spine, and the one weird trick that keeps an improv plot flowing smoothly.

This class is appropriate for anyone who’s taken Improv 201 or has comparable experience.

Peter Rogers has been an improviser for over twenty years. He’s performed in and directed dozens of full-length improvised plays, ranging from Coen-Brothers-inspired crime capers to serious kitchen-sink drama. He currently facilitates classes at the Improv Embassy.

See you in class!