Case Study: From serious remote work to super fun human connection, here’s how to bring a group together

“This was the best retreat I’ve been to.”

More than one participant said this after Krystal and Josh delivered a full day of applied improv fun for a large government department.

Why they came to us

This government department deals daily with complex subject matters. On top of that, like many workplaces, colleagues work in different locations and in different languages. Over the pandemic, new hires joined the team and many team members hadn’t seen each other in person for some time.

The objectives for the workshop were clear:

  • Introduce new team members in a fun and safe environment
  • Strengthen existing relationships between colleagues after a long period of remote work
  • Create a human connection that can be fostered beyond the workshop
  • Connect colleagues who speak different languages – host a bilingual event

What we did

With a full-day retreat, we planned a tailored in-person event to get the team laughing together and telling stories.

“I think that we needed this given our situation of remote work.”

  1. We opened up by creating a safe space for everyone to participate to the degree they felt comfortable.
  2. The first half of the day focused on building ideas and having fun with theatre games. These activities were balanced with debriefs on workplace applications.
  3. The second half of the day moved participants through storytelling exercises that help us find the funny in everyday experiences that unite us all.
  4. We ended with a showcase of the skills learned that allowed the group to support and celebrate each other.

The result

Our workshop was day one of a two-day retreat. We helped open up employees to the conversations planned for the second day. 

“Our second day was more of a traditional type of retreat with part of the time seeking feedback from employees. I think that our second day went well, partly because the employees were already comfortable exchanging with each other.”

At the end of our full-day workshop, participants also shared their thoughts in a debrief. Many echoed their colleagues sharing insights like these:

  • You really created a safe space for us
  • I got to meet and connect with colleagues
  • I learned that I work with really creative people
  • My cheeks hurt from laughing


“Your session did exactly what I was seeking: bringing the group together.”

  • Many participants commented on how relaxed the workshop felt. Everyone’s comfort zone is different. We need to keep this in mind when designing a workshop that allows each person to meet their edge comfortably, and also step back when they need.
  • Everyone has awesome stories! For example, it’s amazing how giving someone the opportunity to talk about a DIY picnic bench allowed others to share fun and insightful stories too. When exercises required communication without words, people were amazed by the points of view and emotions they could convey. When given the chance, everyone is just so good at this 🙂
  • Language doesn’t have to be a barrier!

Let’s bring your group together

We’d love to tailor a super fun and meaningful workshop that engages your employees too!

Best in comedy and human connection,

Krystal Merrells

Corporate Team Lead at the Improv Embassy