Case Study: How to make your conference memorable and give your team the space to rise to surprise

“I believe we chose the best possible workshop for our group.”

This is what Giatec’s VP of Global Sales & Success said after Krystal and Josh delivered a reenergizing session at the sales team’s kickoff conference.

Why they came to us

Giatec® is all about concrete. They are doing incredibly cool work! They reduce concrete’s carbon footprint using smart testing technologies and real-time data collection. 

At this conference, they wanted a fun and memorable experience for colleagues to communicate outside of a virtual setting, show appreciation for one another, and leave feeling energized.

What we did

We planned a 2-hour workshop to pick up the energy mid-afternoon and connect colleagues in a fun and safe space.

“…our Improv Ambassadors warmed up our group to have them 100% engaged and committed to having a great time.”

  1. We warmed up the group with what’s known as passing energy exercises. This got everyone in the moment and laughing with each other right from the start.
  2. Exercises in the first half of the workshop focused on supporting each other and building fun ideas together.
  3. It became clear that this team liked some fun competition! So, the second half of the workshop allowed participants to push each other creatively and ramp up the energy even more.
  4. The workshop ended with a callback to everything we had done and how elements might carry forward into their work as a team.

The result

Here is what the VP said in a post-workshop email:

“Our group genuinely enjoyed our workshop and would certainly do it again…The way that the Improv Ambassadors ensured the exercises were related to practical daily examples along with keeping command of the room made our experience an absolute delight.”

At the end of the workshop, participants commented on what stood out to them. This included things like:

  • Being supported and celebrated for the small things is an instant energy boost.
  • We might say “no,” but “yes, and” takes us further.
  • It was nice to hear colleagues’ different perspectives and talk about what they love.
  • Two people cried during the workshop because they were laughing so hard 🙂

This was a change from the beginning of the workshop.

When the team first learned they were doing improv, they were not excited. As a facilitator, I would say this happens more often than not. But once we created that safe space, this team valued the new experience – they were truly able to rise to the surprise. As a result, everyone had a blast!


“There were some memorable moments created that will certainly stick with our group for a long time to come.”

My personal takeaway was the link between improv and working in sales.

We had a great discussion about how in both, it’s crucial that you are able to pivot:

  • Sales is about solving problems for people and that takes a creative mindset.
  • You need to be flexible with what your client and the situation needs.
  • You might need to drop a plan if it’s not going the way you’d expected it. You have to switch to something else, using whatever resources you have available.

All of this is true in improv too! And it’s what we practice in our exercises 🙂

Bring us to your conference

We’re more than happy to create a memorable and insightful experience for your team.

Best in comedy,

Krystal Merrells

Corporate Team Lead at the Improv Embassy