The Improv Refresher


Comfortable with tags, sweeps and scenes, but feeling a little rusty?
If you’re an experienced improviser looking to shake off some cobwebs or reconnect with other players, sign up for our 4-week Refresher series!
Each week, a different Improv Embassy facilitator will guide you through advanced exercises, with the goal of helping you feel ready to play again.

WEEK 1 – Grounded Improv with Adriana Johnston

Get inspired by authentic reactions and play it truthfully. Ease back onto the stage with games and exercises focused on finding the fun in everyday situations and relationships.

WEEK 2 – Physicality & Movement with Krystal Merrells

In improv, we so often focus on the words coming out of our mouths. But the way we move, alone and as a group, tells the story too. This class targets object work, expressing characters & emotion, and playing with an imaginary environment you get to create.

WEEK 3 –  Second beats and Callbacks with Joshua Mayo

If you’ve ever had the second beat sweats, this one’s for you! This week, we’ll focus reducing the mental load of developing a set by building on ideas already introduced by your teammates.

WEEK 4 – Improv Scene Study with Chelsea Fahey

Put into practice the knowledge you have gained and make your scenes come to life. This Scene study will allow you to “get in the reps” with an experienced coach who will provide each improviser with specific feedback to enhance their performance.


Tuesdays, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM, October 11 – Nov 1 (with  Adriana Johnston, Krystal Merrells, Joshua Mayo and Chelsea Fahey)

Location: Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada

This class is four weeks, 2.5 hours per session. $160 (+HST)

Prerequisite: Prior performing experience and/or structured improv classes 



CLASS POLICIES: There are no refunds or deferrals once class is in session (if you have to drop the class for whatever reason, there is the possibility of a discount to register for the next available class). Before registering, please read our policies on payment and other class expectations, to make sure that the class is right for you.



Adriana Johnston
Adriana started her improv journey in Denmark at Improv Comedy Copenhagen (ICC), is a graduate of and faculty member at the Improv Embassy, and has taken a class or two at some big-time theatres in Toronto.
In the good old days, she loved practicing and performing with her teams: CLAM, Black Box Comedy, and the Hive, and she now has high hopes for the return of the Ottawa improv scene! She’s performed at the Ottawa Fringe and Improv festivals, the Baltimore Improv Festival, the Fembassy, and various other indie shows in Ottawa. Adriana’s favourite improv game is the Beastie Boys Rap and when she’s not doing improv, you’ll find her biking or tending to her many houseplants!
Krystal Merrells

Krystal has been improvising since 2014 in various local shows including the Fembassy and the Ottawa Improv Festival. She is keen on physicality, movement, and narrative work on stage. When not teaching jams, classes, or coaching teams, Krystal explores the world of applied improv. She has delivered workshops to IT personnel, Social Workers, leaders in healthcare, and other corporations looking to build improv skills for organizational development. Krystal loves to share her love of improv, food, and dogs with anyone who will listen!

Joshua Mayo

Joshua Mayo took his first class at the Improv Embassy in 2018 and has kept on going ever since. He loves organic scenes, awkward relationships and making strange sounds. You may recognize him from behind the box-office desk at the Preserve, from the Flaky Pastries, or as part of the duo Amarilli, Mia Bella! He’s a proud dog daddy—ask for pictures (at your peril)!

Chelsea Fahey

Chelsea Fahey fell in love with improv around the dinner table, playing the questions-only game with her boisterous family. She honed her skills with the Improv Embassy (and previously EFT), and became a founding member of the Trevor Comedy. Chelsea is also a member of local sketch troupe Shit Hot Shit Show, and has been doing stand-up around Ottawa since 2018. She has had the privilege to perform improv at theaters and festivals throughout Canada and the United States. Chelsea loves teaching improv and is always looking for ways to grow as a performer.