Coko & Daphney are back in this must-see fundraiser

Coko & Daphney, fresh off OFF-JFL this summer (the “edgy sibling” of Montreal’s Just For Laughs), are coming back to Ottawa and we are so excited to have them. They’ll be headlining a show to raise funds for the Improv… Read More

Three Things We Learned At Loose Moose

One of the wonderful things about improv is that it’s always a learning process. Every single time you step on stage or into a class, it’ll be a new experience. And to keep things fresh, you have to constantly be… Read More

Fall performance opportunity: Student teams!

The Improv Embassy is starting student teams this fall! Prerequisites: If you are enrolled in our September/October 201 class or higher (or have completed 401), you are eligible to audition for our fall student teams. Once teams are assembled, they… Read More

June Was The Fest Month Ever!

We’re not going to lie — this was a heck of a busy month at the Embassy and we’re all looking forward to getting some much-needed R & R this summer. What made it so busy? Festivals! The Improv Embassy… Read More

Why I Wish I’d Done Improv as a Teen

This year, I had the immense privilege of coaching a youth improv team, from Nepean High School, for the Canadian Improv Games (CIG). It was a fascinating experience to share my particular improv expertise (mostly drawn from Second City, New… Read More

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