We’re getting ready for another Ottawa Improv Festival!

It’s been quite a year for us and improv festivals — the Improv Embassy team produced the sold-out Ottawa Improv Festival in March, then travelled to perform in New York City (Del Close Marathon), Toronto (Big City Improv Festival) and… Read More

Hey Toronto, thanks for the memories!

Thank you to the Big City Improv Festival. We had a blast performing at you! (In you? That’s weird.) And thanks to our fellow performers and sold-out audience for having a great time with us. The Improv Embassy crew has… Read More

5 Tips For More Genuine Improv From UCB’s Will Hines

“How To Act Well In Improv: that’s what I wanted to call my book,” says Will Hines as we take a break during during a two-day workshop. This past weekend, Hines, a longtime instructor at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade… Read More

Eight Reasons Why Every Workplace Needs Improv

Having worked in the public and private sector for the past 15 years in a wide range of corporate gigs, I am convinced that the benefits of practising improv go well beyond the amazing and hilarious performances you might see… Read More

Where to perform improv in Ottawa

So you’ve taken a class or maybe tried out improv once or twice, and you feel like you’re ready to hit perform in front of an audience. But where and how are the best ways to get stage time? Here… Read More

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