Spring Registration Now Open!

Whether you’ve always wanted to give improv a try or you’re a seasoned pro, we offer improv classes that unleash your creativity while letting you have fun and learning new skills.⁣⁣

What Should You Expect at Your First Improv Class?

5 things to get you pumped and ready to improvise You can find Ottawa improv classes at the Improv Embassy! We now offer introductory improv classes for beginners and a refresher course for more experienced players. Check out all our… Read More

Do you know the difference between short form and long form improv? It’s not what you think!

If you’ve been looking for fun stuff to do in Ottawa and have come to any of our jams or shows, you already know that improv is the theatre art of making stuff up on the spot. But did you… Read More

Have your work projects been stalled? How to have effective meetings with this one key from improv

You’re hosting your team meeting and you’ve got everything prepared. You need your team’s input to move a project forward.  But when you start to present, you feel like everyone is just trying to find problems with what you’re saying. … Read More

Preserve Longform Jam evenings!

Come join us, pay-what-you-can, for an evening of improv for all levels! Whether you’re a seasoned pro, feeling a little rusty, or completely new to improv, we’d love for you to join us! The Preserve is our regular improv jam…. Read More

Come take an Improv Class!

We’re so class-y! The Improv Embassy runs in-person improv classes for people in Ottawa looking to sharpen their funny bone and learn comedy in a fun, supportive environment. We offer a variety of curriculum for all skill levels. Find the right… Read More

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